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5 Signs You are Passively Aggressive to Someone and how to overcome it

Do you know what it means to be passive-aggressive? Leave here in the comments what you think this is.  I'm pretty sure that you've already behaved like this with someone, and don't worry because this is common and many people don't even realize when they do it. Hey!  I'm Smart, and today I'm going to talk about 5 signs that someone is acting passive-aggressively towards you or that you are the one doing it.  I'll also give you some tips towards the end on how to deal with these people. A passive-aggressive behavior is one in which someone is aggressive, but in a more indirect, ambiguous or subtle way than an overtly aggressive act, like hitting your boss, for example. By choosing not to be so explicit, those who act in this way are able to attack the other while minimizing the risk of suffering punishment or having to confront the victim of their aggression directly. There are several types of aggressive behavior that are more indirect or disguised and that